Value4x and Timesworld collaborates with Dubai Municipality to uplift Geospatial Innovation efforts

In line with the Dubai government's directive to transform Dubai into a fully smart model, and the Municipality's commitment to providing the finest and best services according to innovative global standards in various fields, Dubai Municipality has launched the Geospatial Business Incubator and Innovation Strategy (GeoHub) for the next three years at a ceremony attended by Eng. Maitha Al Nuaimi, Director of the GISCD , alongside several department managers and directors at Dubai Municipality. 

GeoHub is the first of its kind geospatial incubator in the region, based on two fundamental systems of entrepreneurship and innovation: the entrepreneurship system and the scientific research and academic development system. During the ceremony, the achievements of the incubator during its early years were presented, including pioneering research and projects in the field of GIS and Municipal work. 

Initiatives, courses, and programs to be adopted by the incubator were also discussed, along with its key future plans aiming to generate innovative opportunities and create a new business model that enriches Dubai Municipality's leadership role.

“Dubai Municipality's GeoHub has undergone a transformative journey, emerging as a model of success through exemplary partnerships and meticulously orchestrated project plans. Timesworld and Value4X Consulting have been instrumental in this endeavor.”, said Alya Alnaqbi, GeoHub Project Manager – Dubai Municipality.

“The GeoHub revitalization, a collaborative symphony orchestrated by a remarkable team, stands as a tangible beacon of success in Innovation management consulting for the public sector. Timesworld and Value4X Consulting are honored to have partnered with the Dubai Municipality team to explore and expand the horizons of GeoHub's mission.”, said Tomy Varghese, Managing Director, Timesworld and Value4X Consulting.

GeoHub was officially launched on Tuesday, 05 Mar 2024, with all its offerings just to begin with. More information on